Welcome to LCUK

Hi, I’m Nikki, and I’m a Lifestyle coach that believes that the advice given about a “healthy balanced diet” is anything but healthy! I’m dedicated to helping you to eat right and bring you the best in information about a Controlled Carbohydrate style of eating from a UK perspective.

This site is for people that want the lean and fit body that a modern lifestyle and diet robs from them.

People that are looking for help and advice (and also people that have read and use “Eat Fat, Get Thin!“, “The Primal Blueprint“, “Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution“, “Protein Power“, “Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution” or one of the myriad other low-carb eating plans) will find lots of helpful information, buckets of cool links, Kitchen tested recipes, some product reviews and lots more!

Caveat: I am not a medical health professional and do not dispense medical information. Anyone who is significantly overweight and/or has other medical problems should consult with their physician before beginning this, or any other, eating program.