Welcome to LCUK

I’m Nikola Howard, Mindset Maven. I’m on a one woman mission to remove the linguistically horrific words “weight loss” from common usage.

My crazy idea is to improve the world by helping others free their minds from self-hate and their bodies from slavery to carbohydrate addiction.

Who am I?

I’m a polymath that has the superpower of “connecting the dots”, a personal development coach, human physiology mentor and creative entrepreneur with a love of technology.

I’ve been eating a low carb diet since 1999 and based on both my own and  thousands of other people’s experience, I believe that the advice given about a “healthy balanced diet” is anything but good for us!

I’m dedicated to helping people make optimal food choices within a controlled carbohydrate style of eating as well as improving their mindset to support the lifestyle change required to obtain and keep an optimal body.

What others are saying

Nikola always makes time for me and my endless questions and I never feel like a burden. She is very knowledgeable and is capable of tailoring her advice to your personal circumstances, not just reading from a script.

Nikola and her services come very highly recommended from me.

Jessica Silva

Just spent a brilliant 30 minutes with Nikki via Skype…. She worked through the “like-to-dislike” technique with me and now hopefully I’ll be back in charge….. Thanks for this session Nikki!

Update: I found the session very interesting. I knew about the technique you used as I’ve read lots, though, as I said, putting it into practise independently is not so easy. I thought you took me through it well and were very good at listening to what I was saying. As you probably recall, I wanted to give up carby non alcoholic fizzy wine and we used beetroot as the disliked food. After I finished the session with you (I was sitting in bed) I finished my glass of fizzy wine! Oh well, that didn’t work, hey ho, I enjoyed it though…

Two weeks on, I haven’t touched a drop since….. from Wednesday onward I stopped, not conscientiously, just happened. I didn’t even have my substitute, didn’t get that until the following Sunday, so it’s definitely worked. In fact, my eating is on target, very little carb, all good food and whenever I fancy something unhealthy carb wise, I think of beetroot. So if you want to use this as a testimonial, feel free, it’s honest and truthful.


STOP TRYING TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN. Food has SUCH a massive influence on our emotions and I don’t just mean in a low-blood sugar way. Not getting what it’s used to can drive your body into devious mind-monkey tactics – and then you end up failing.

If you’ve ever thought about going low-carb, OR you’ve gone low-carb and weren’t able to stick with it? You need Nikola Howard. If you wanna go full-commitment low carb with a Ketogenic diet even, you really need Nikola Howard.

Not only is she a badass with the actual food stuff – she is also a fantastic coach, and will deal with the mindfuckery of changing your diet, so it’s easy peasy and you actually get to change. REALLY shift your food mindset, once and for all. I recommend starting here.

Mariska Anderson Ph.D.
Head Explorer

This is a great ebook Nikki – it is perfect – not a long read but packed with relevant stuff for those of us who are looking to adopt a LCHF lifestyle and want to get on with it! Excellent food table for easy meal planning. You can use this as your daily guide and then upload the info into something like My Fitness Pal so you can track your macros if you want to. Highly recommended!


As we all know information on the internet can be conflicting and it’s hard to know what to believe. Nikola is always my go to person, she’s an absolute fountain of knowledge. I don’t really trust everything I read on line but I absolutely trust her advice 100%.

She’s such a kind caring person who’s willing to give all her time to help other people. This lady knows how the body works better than anyone and I’d highly recommend her to everyone.


This site is for people that want the lean and fit optimal body that a modern lifestyle and diet robs from them.

People that are looking for help and advice will find eCourses, eBooks, Webinars, oodles of helpful information, buckets of cool links, kitchen tested recipes, some product reviews and a great deal more!

Caveat: I am not a health professional. I give advice based on research, solid science and experience but do not diagnose or dispense medical information. Anyone who is significantly overweight and/or has other medical problems should always consult with their physician before beginning a new eating program.

My Philosophy

As well as being very passionate about technology, I firmly believe that to be a fully realised and peaceful human, one needs to take care of both body and mind.

The Body

I don’t follow conventional wisdom on “healthy exercise and eating”, instead I’m generally “primal” – eat lots of animal food and leafy plant foods, move often at a slow-ish pace with occasional high intensity.

The Mind

Slow down, enjoy the moments in life and knit everything you know as “self” together, rather than trying to keep all the various bits of “self” in boxes. Write and create more. Grow things. Live in the now.
(If you want 100% mind focused help, check out http://mindsetmaven.co.uk)