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Two-nuts Chocolate Torte (Jamie Oliver Adapted)


150g Almonds
150g Walnuts
(You can make this with any two different Nuts, I like it with Hazels and Pecans)
300g high% Cocoa solids Choc, at least 85% for preference.
1 heaped tsp Cocoa powder
255g Butter
Your taste equivalent to 100g of Caster Sugar in liquid or crushed tablet cookable sweetener (NOT aspartame based!)
6 large Eggs
a little salt (VERY important in Chocolate recipes…)


Preheat the Oven to 190C/375F/GM5. Line an 8 or 10 inch tin (I used a 1.5lb Loaf tin for easy slicing, However, for individual servings that are decadent, Muffin tins are good for portion control here!) with greaseproof, and butter it.

Place the Nuts in the Food processor and whizz until ground, then break in the chocolate and whizz until that is all broken down in there as well. It ends up looking a little like breadcrumbs

Take that mix, and dump it in a bowl to one side. Clean the Processor bowl, and then add in the butter and “sugar” and cream it until pale and fluffy.
(I tried to lower the carb count once by using a liquid sweetener, If you do that, you cannot cream it into the butter! Add it into the Choc/Nut mixture instead.) Then add the Egg yolks one at a time until they are all in, and
it is nice and pale, then add in the nuts and choc. You end up with a bowl full of sloppy “mud” 🙂

In another clean and dry bowl, Whisk the Egg whites with that pinch of salt until stiff. Gently Fold in the Choc mix, and pour into your baking receptacle. For an added, ooozy, gooey treat, put small squares of 70% choc all along the mixture, (Or one in each muffin) So that they melt and run when you cut into the cake.

Bake for around an hour. Done when a cocktail stick or knife comes out reasonably clean (the Melted Choc stops it being totally clean!)

Serve HOT with LASHINGS of good, runny, double cream.

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One comment

  1. Elaine says:

    It has been years since I ate chocolate cake, and I must admit I approached this chocolate torte with much trepidation. Would it taste as good as the chocolate cakes I remember?

    The answer is No.

    It’s much better than any chocolate cake I have ever eaten before!

    The first impression that I got was chocolate. Not the sweet pappy chocolate
    flavour that you get when you buy “ordinary” chocolate cake, but a rich,
    dark bitter-sweet chocolate. A really Serious chocolate. Chocolate for
    Adults only, with an 18 certificate. Then the more subtle flavour and
    texture of nuts creeps into your awareness. Not strong, but subtle, and they
    gave the cake that bit more “bite” than pure chocolate could.

    This isn’t a cake for eating when the munchies strike. It’s for eating when
    the curtains are closed, the candles are lit, the music is soft, and the
    mood is just right. It positively cries out for lashings of double cream –
    not whipped cream, but poured extravagantly over the top of a warmed
    portion, and allowed to soak in. It is almost too much cake for anyone to
    bear, and I defy anyone to tell it from a sugar and carb laden version,
    except, perhaps, that it’s better.

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