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To Beer or not to Beer, that is the question

What can I drink on this diet?

Another oft asked question, both in my in-box, and to both the mailing lists, are questions about Alcohol. Men especially ask about “their Beer”. One such question, from a Chap called Gavin, got a good reply, and not being selfish, here it is! (hey, waste not want not! 😉 )

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Hi Gavin…

Great site you’ve whipped up there…
My thanks. 🙂

I have a quick question for you regarding low-carb action… I’ve done Dr Atkins in the past, just for a full-on two week period, drinking just water,no caffeine, alcohol etc. Being a young single bloke in London, I like to have a drink or two… main question is, do the principals of Dr Atkins still work if I drink as well?

The answer is yes and no. Alcohol as a fuel HAS to be burned off before anything else. So whilst the Alcohol won’t stop you producing Ketones, you will not be using them for Energy whilst you’re drinking. This is effectively stopping your fat loss dead in its tracks, but it will start up again once all the alcohol is burned off.

The Second Problem is the Carbs. The “best” alcohols to drink are either Spirits or Dry wines, as they have few carbs to refill your Glycogen stores with…

Beer, by its nature is rather carby. Lite Beers and Pilsners are your best bet if you still want them… in moderation.

So basically I’m looking to have very few carbs in my food, but still having alcohol. I avoid all drinks except water / de-caff tea etc, but really need my beer !!

Fair enough, then have it. Just remember that low-carbing will lower your alcohol tolerance (hey, I used to be able to drink my mates under the table… now, two glasses of red and I am pickled!) and that it will dehydrate you, which in turn will make you retain water as you rehydrate.

As a Man, you will not have as many problems drinking beer as a woman would have (don’t you just hate body chemistry sometimes…) but did you also know that beer contains phytoestrogenic compounds… These are what gives you the
“Beer Belly” look… They are giving you a “pregnancy protection layer”! 😉

Let me know if I’ll get thinner please!

As long as you stick with the plan, work with it, and don’t indulge *too* much, then I can see no reason why not. If you do have trouble though, I do suggest that you lay off the beer for a while… After all, what is more important, Beer or Thinness? I know my choice… What’s yours to be?


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