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Best food to choose for body fat burning? Here’s the list!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best foods to choose when following a low-carb lifestyle.  You can eat these optimal food choices freely, as your hunger dictates:


Saturated Monounsaturated Polyunsaturated Hydrogenated
Coconut Oil Olive Oil Mayonnaise NONE!
Butter Avocado Oil
Lard Macadamia Nut Oil
Dripping Hazelnut Oil
All naturally solids fats Walnut Oil
Groundnut Oil
All other Nut oils, preferably Cold-pressed


Meat Fish Fowl Shellfish Eggs Cheese
Beef Tuna Chicken Oysters Scrambled Aged and fresh
Pork Salmon Turkey Mussels Fried Cow and goat
Lamb Sole Duck Clams Poached Cream cheese
Bacon Trout Goose Squid Soft boiled Mozzarella
Veal Flounder Cornish Hen Shrimp Hard boiled Swiss
Ham Sardines Quail Lobster Deviled Cheddar
Venison Herring Pheasant Crab Omelets  in fact,
almost* all cheeses
in fact, all meat in fact, all fish in fact, all fowl in fact, all shellfish in fact, all eggs

10% Carbohydrate or Less

Salad Vegetables Salad Herbs Other Vegetables Salad Garnishes Spices Beverages
Alfalfa Sprouts Basil Artichoke Anchovies all spices to taste Water
All varieties of lettuce Coriander Asparagus Crumbled Crisp Bacon Mineral Water
Bok Choy Dill Avocado Grated Cheese Essence flavoured Waters**
Celery Oregano Aubergine Minced hardboiled Eggs Coffee/Tea
Chicory Parsley Bamboo Shoots Sauteed mushrooms Diet fizzy drinks**
Chives Rosemary Bean Sprouts Sour Cream Iced Tea
Cress Thyme Broccoli Cream
Cucumber Brussel Sprouts Spring Water
Endive Cabbage Clear Broth
Fennel Cauliflower Herb Tea***
Mushrooms Celery Root
Peppers Chard
 Rocket Chayote
Radishes Collard Greens
Sorrel Dandelion Greens
Spinach Hearts of Palm
Spring Onions
Spaghetti Squash
String or Wax Beans
Summer Squash
Swede and Swede Greens
Turnips and Turnip Greens
Water Chestnuts

* Eat cheeses such as cottage and soft cheeses in moderation. They contain moderate amounts of lactose.

** Most Diet drinks in the UK contain the artificial sweetener Aspartame. This has been linked to weight gain and bloating, and is also alleged to be addictive. It is better to cut down or out on these products if you can.

***Herb Teas can contain a great deal of fructose. This sugar is metabolised directly to body fat, so treat with caution.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Can’t see why not! All herbal teas are Optimal, unless the herb used itself is one that should be limited because of its properties.

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