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The “Last 7 lbs is being stubborn” dilemma – This is why it really should not bother you!

Standing on a Scale - Scale - Weighing Yourself

One of the things that is most likely to discourage anyone slimming down is not reaching their (self-)assigned goal weight. Even with the luxury that is low-carb eating, not seeing those pesky “I’m at Goal!” digits showing on a set of scales can be annoying and disheartening.

Generally, people pick (or are assigned) a goal weight according to charts based on BMI – which, whilst being a general guide, is known to be flawed in that it takes no account of body composition. According to BMI, all Rugby players, body builders and other “strong” athletes with plenty of muscle mass but not much fat mass are ranked under “obese”.

Because BMI is not at all reflective of body composition,  Most people that eat a healthy LCHF diet will never “lose the last 7lbs” –  because those last 7lbs are actually metabolically active muscle (which we want to keep).

Muscle is around 17% more dense than fat. In terms of the scale, a person that has gained their slim and healthy  body with low-carb eating usually weighs ~5-10 lbs above where BMI says that we should be to be “ideal weight”.

Remember, eating a healthy low-carb diet means that our bodies will not drop below our “healthy” point (at least, not without starvation and it protesting a massive amount at us!). Our bodies are slightly heavier but smaller (& far more metabolically active) than “conventional wisdom” dieters.

Let’s face it. People see your body and how big or small it is. No one had a sign over their head stating how heavy they are.

TL;DR: Dense bodies rock – Go by your size, not the scale.

Image used, Standing on a Scale – Scale – Weighing Yourself by Foodfacts pmwww.foodfacts.com
Used Under Creative commons licence: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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