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What if I could help you to dislike your favourite carbohydrate?

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As you know if you follow me around the internet, or you are a subscriber to my LCUK News e-mails, I’ve been working on several qualifications and I’m now a fully qualified Coach and NLP Practitioner! I feel I’ve both learned a whole mass of new skills as well as personally up-levelling in so many ways. I learned techniques that are really going to assist people make lasting change. For instance, one of the exercises we did, “Like to Dislike”, means that I now dislike Diet Coke and my training partner dislikes white bread!

If you watched Masterclass I, you know that I used to drink about 2 litres every day, and definitely had addictive behaviours around it. If there was no Diet Coke in my house or at work, it was a International Diet Coke Crisis (IDCC), and I would actively feel discomfort until I could obtain my “addiction juice” (As an Ex- of mine called it). So my not having had any at all since the training is a massive change for me. I took my dislike for beer and mapped it over to diet coke and I now simply don’t want it. It has no power over me. Which is very strange, but very cool.

As I didn’t want to detox from both the aspartame and the caffeine at once (I was on ~ 200mg of caffeine a day) I took Caffeine tablets to ramp down and then stop consumption over the last two weeks. Doing it this way, I have escaped the withdrawal headache totally, which was one of the big excuses I was using to stop me from quitting.

I checked in with my training partner this Thursday just gone, and she told me that she hasn’t eaten or wanted to eat white bread since we did the exercise (she used fish as her dislike) and she is feeling so much better for the change.

The process itself is such a simple procedure, took 15 minutes, and if I had not experienced it, I would not have believed it possible to deal with an issue so quickly! I’d love to share this with you. These sessions cost £37 each.

Only click to pay and schedule if you are serious about wanting to dislike your favourite carbohydrate:

Could this help you? You can look forward to having you a new understanding about your favourite carbohydrate.
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