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Sports Nutrition

Got this e-mail to the list the other day:

“From: Gavin Allinson

I am using low carb to get rid of the last 7-10 lbs that is sticking on my
belly. I was really successful losing 20 lbs earlier in the year. My
challenge is that i do a lot of sport, particularly rowing and will be
competing later on in the summer, my concern is that if i don’t have enough carbohydrate and glycogen stored in my muscles i wont be able to perform an endurance event?

Do you have any ideas or guidelines?”

The answer is of course yes… But it is not my advice.

This article, from Amazon.co.uk, about The Schwartzbein Principle, is the BEST advocacy for a low-carb exercise regime that I have ever seen!

Tim Hatcher from Cheltenham, United Kingdom , 20 September, 1999 on
The Schwarzbein Principle: The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy and Feeling Younger

Sports Nutrition, no carbo loading required.

On the run up to my first triathlon I followed the high carbohydrate low fat eating routine, with daily training. Prior to the event had a pasta lunch, then an hour before start a banana. I had a terrible time of it, a slow swim time, got a stitch soon into the cycle, felt hungry, had some Kendal mint cake (sugar) and then collapsed exhausted at the finishing line.

Not put off I signed up for a second and put it down to more training required. However a side effect of my pre race diet was that sometimes I “crashed” after a meal cold sweat and a sugar craving. I checked this out with my doctor and he diagnosed me as suffering from reactive hypoglycaemia, and I was told “not to worry about it” as “we all suffer from it to a certain degree”.

This was not a satisfactory answer for me so I started my own research, this led me to the Schwartzbein principle, I read the text in a week. It was the first text that I had read that “made sense” it is not a diet in the sense that there are free foods and banned foods with meals set out, it explains how food is processed by the body, and why we require a balanced diet that includes good fats, with the only food group requiring monitoring and regulating dependant on activity level being carbohydrates. I changed my diet to be in line with the text.

This had surprising side effects, my training time started getting better, I felt better, I lost weight, my body shape is changing, I am loosing my belly, all of which I had not expected. Also the best thing is that I have not yet had a reactive hypoglycaemia attack since adopting this new eating pattern.

Night before the second triathlon arrived, Moroccan stew (Schwarzbein cookbook), with 1/2 a cup on cous cous for supper, the day of the event breakfast, fetta, artichoke heart and spinach omelette cooked in butter with sliced tomato drizzled with olive oil and 2 slices of bread and butter. This was really hard for me, no carbo loading, how was it going to work ? Would I “run out of steam” half way round ? Would I “hit the wall” ? Would my mussels “run out of fuel” and seize up ? All the scenarios that I had been led to believe could happen without carbo loading.

Got to the event, it was raining, that bit never let up for the whole event. Swim was good my personal best, Cycle was great no stitch, really wet and horrible, mud on road at points, overtook two people on this stage. Run, started and thought oh no stitch on its way, but that feeling soon disappeared and came to nothing, overtook three people in that stage, got to the end on the run, what was the next discipline then ? opps finished felt great none of the above fears or beliefs came to life and I felt a thousand times better than the end of the last event, very wet, but very happy, looking forward to the next.

My result was much improved on previous, being 15 minutes from the first guy, I had been 25 minutes from the top in the previous event.

I will continue with this eating pattern, it tastes good, it makes me feel good, it makes me stronger, it is changing my body shape to one I like, and so far has had no adverse side effects (un. I would recommend this text to anybody, in fact I have, and four others are in the process of reading it. I really does make sense and I feel is a must for any serious athlete.

Thank you

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