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Rose Veal Balls in herbed tomatoes with shredded cabbage

I’m a Massive fan of quick dinners. Tonight I knocked up “Rose Veal Balls in herbed tomatoes with shredded cabbage” in 15 minutes, and definitely comes under the heading “messy but tasty”. You could go this with any premium meatball, adjust cooking times as required. Veal balls take 12 minutes to cook, so that’s how long I took to cook this! I very much made this up on the fly, please do feel free to tweak the herbs & spices! I shake my herbs as spices in from the jar, my good shakes are around 1 rounded tsp, small shakes 1 level tsp.  I also forgot to season… oops!

Rose veal is a wonderful meat, and eating it ensures male dairy calves, that would previously be shot within hours of birth, a chance at gambolling about in green fields for 8 months before slaughter. Given Lamb is 6 months old at slaughter, I personally have no issues with Rose Veal at all.

NB: I’m aware that I’ve learned how to slice and dice veg quickly – so you may need to do “mis en place” and dice the Shallots and ribbon the Cabbage before you start cooking.

The recipe will serve 2, as meatballs come in packs of 12 usually, but 6 is enough for a serving for anyone!


3tsp Ghee (or your preferred cooking fat)
Pack of 12 Rose Veal balls (Mine were from M&S)
2 Shallots
1tsp Garlic paste
Good shake of Tarragon
Good shake of Mixed Herbs
Shake of Smoked Paprika
Shake of Tumeric
1 400ml Can of Chopped Tomatoes
1 Bay Leaf
An inch squeeze of “5 tastes” Umami paste
3-4 Hispi (Sweetheart) cabbage leaves


Heat the ghee over high heat in a heavy bottomed frying pan, then add the Vealballs to the hot fat.
Give them a roll around and turn the heat to medium.

Set your kitchen timer for 10 minutes and hit go.

Dice the two shallots, shaking the vealballs around between each dice,so that they caramelise nicely on all sides then add the shallots to pan (this was about minute 5 for me) along with a tsp of garlic paste.

Give it all a stir around, let the shallots brown for a minute. All the veal balls should now be mostly brown all round. (minute 6)

Add in all the herbs & spices except the bay leaf. Give that a stir around and then add the tomatoes, bay leaf, and umami paste. Give it another stir, turn up the heat to high and pop a lid on for 2 minutes. Then remove the lid for the final 2 minutes to reduce the tomatoes down.

In these four minutes, roll up and slice 3 or 4 Hispi Cabbage leaves into fine ribbons.  When the timer goes, bung the cabbage in the pan, give it a stir then turn the heat off and remove from the hot ring.
Slap the lid on again for another 2 minutes to cook the cabbage.

Pop into two serving bowls and enjoy! As I’m cooking for one, I suspect that the other meal will get Parmesan grated on it and lots of black pepper tomorrow, to strengthen that umami.

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