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You want to work with me? Awesome! I’m so grateful that you want to reach out.

I believe that my mission is to help everyone to regain a healthy body. I also believe that “Modern Living” and “Healthy Eating” deprive us of this birthright. I’ve a holistic and mindful approach to both life and to eating, and feel that we cannot enhance one of these things without working on the other as well.

Mind and Body go hand in hand, and should act as an harmonious whole. Most of us are taught however that our bodies are a somewhat separate thing to “us” A.K.A. our minds, and that the body has to be hated, disciplined and tamed. Over time we’ve simply stopped knowing how to “listen” to ourselves and what our body needs and wants.

So,  I’d love to coach you through your mind’s blocks with your body, help you release guilt around self-care, learn to love your body, just as it is, stop hiding from life, and give you solid scientifically valid advice around eating healthily for our bodies.

Click below to work with me in one of three ways:

  1. Self paced on-going coaching/mentoring sessions via Skype,
  2. A one off progress and clarity session via Skype and
  3. An Intensive 1:1 VIP day working with me in person.

Also, check out my digital resources.