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Crap in = Crap out | Nikola Howard

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Another post written over on my general life-coaching website, all about low-carbing, and about the emotions around making good nutritional choices! Enjoy.

Source: Crap in = Crap out | Nikola Howard

Life is a series of choices, and although all choices are shades of grey, some are more black and white than others.

One of the easiest “black and white” choices we make in life is what we eat. Although there are people that would disagree with me on my views over what I feel “healthy eating” is all about, common ground for all people interested in nutrition is that the quality of the food that we consume is utmost.

For me, I know that when I made the choice in 1999 to stop eating Starches and Sugars, it was motivated from a place of “nothing else works” and my desire to drop 7st (just under 100lbs) of body weight and not much more. At that point however, I didn’t have a great deal of money, and so I chose the cheapest protein options, “junk” foods and “food” made from really not great ingredients but that fit a “low carb” profile.

As you can guess, although I was better off from not giving myself massive insulin spikes and sugar highs all the time, and the upswing in health I received from ditching a “food group” (grains) that I now know really isn’t actually food for Homo Sapiens was remarkable, but as I did more research about how the body works, and came to understand a why low carb diet is the diet that our bodies is evolved to eat, the quality of my food became more and more important.

After all, we literally are what we eat, and if you eat crappy food, your body becomes crappy. And before 1999 I’d been eating all the crap. And my fat body really was sick and crappy.

Food is just one piece of the puzzle though, as I’ve increasingly discovered in the last 15 years, as I worked to let go of ideals that are “crap food for the mind”, the limiting believes that are handed to us, such as “I’m too fat to be beautiful”, “If only I were thinner, I could do xxx”,   “If I just starve myself, I’ll be better”.

All these self-limiting beliefs around “suffering for a result” are really just negative thoughts, which are a self-defeating trap. I’ve worked just as hard to learn that “as my body is worth feeding well, so it can be its best, so is my mind.”

It really doesn’t matter if I’m carrying a bit of extra fat, that fact doesn’t need to stop me being my best or stop me achieving my goals and doing what I want to do.

I hope that you can see parallels for self-improvement here, and so I want you to take action. For the next 3 days, keep a food diary. Not a calorie or quantity diary, a quality diary.  Note how much whole food you eat vs. how much processed crap, how many meals you cook from real ingredients vs. ready-meals and/or low-calorie, sugar loaded products that you buy and ding in 5 minutes. Are you putting crap in and just expecting a non-crappy body to result?

Once you’ve done that, work to shift away from the grains and the crap, and into honouring your body with proper nutrition! Then note how that makes you feel. I’m hoping that it will give you an emotional boost, however, it you encounter feelings of body-shame, resistance or even annoyance, then that is where we need to also do some work on your internal thoughts around food and body image.

Come back and leave me a comment below about your food achievements and feelings, and then we can start working toward connecting those dots.

Image Body Image by Charlotte Astrid
Used Under Creative Commons Licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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