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Hot Chocolate

Cup of hot chocolate

Everyone has their own hot chocolate recipe – Here’s mine. I like it with a dash of chilli, and I also add a dash of turmeric, which with the chilli makes it thermogenic, which is exactly what you want on a cold winter evening!


125ml Double cream
125ml water
4 heaped dsp (~60g) flaked drinking chocolate (I use Hotel Chocolat 70%)
2 capfuls of a good vanilla essence
2 capfuls of chocolate essence
A small pinch of chilli powder
A small pinch of turmeric
Hot water from the kettle to top up
Your favourite big mug


Boil the kettle.
Add the cream and water to a small pan that you can use a whisk in.
Give the mixture a good whisk for a couple of minutes to create some foam on top.

Turn on the heat, add the vanilla & chocolate extracts, and use the handle of a spoon to sprinkle the chilli and turmeric onto the liquid. Give it all another whisk.

When the liquid starts to barely bubble at the edges (Chocolate melts at 35C, so the liquid doesn’t need to be very hot at all to do the job), turn off the heat, add the drinking chocolate and whisk to combine and make sure the chocolate melts.

Strain into your favourite big mug, top up with water from the kettle and enjoy. If you feel like it, dust the top with cocoa and/or cinnamon.

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