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I finally got around to sorting out the website!

I know, I know, 4.5 years later, and with the need to edit this site, but no time to do it in, and it niggling away at the back of my mind, I finally found an evening.

One of the reasons that I’d not put more effort in here was because the of way I had to do the content convert in 2010 was rather tortious. I hacked a theme package to display the various post categories on their own pages – It didn’t really give me good results.

Then this afternoon, the answer hit me over the head: I use WooCommerce over at Fibres Exotica (my yarn business), and the content here needs to display in categories, just like over there… LCUK needed to be a “shop with no checkout”,  and then each individual article type could have its own page with no fuss at all!

So, I worked out how to do the conversion of “post” type to “product” type (even having to do a bit of sql magic on the db to change the taxonomy type of “category” to “product_cat” ), then installed WooCommerce, did the post & taxonomy conversion, added a new shiny template that is Woo compatible…  and then scratched my head for 3/4 hour wondering why none of the articles were showing…

Everything was “hidden” as a status! So, that sorted, the final hurdle is actually getting the content of the articles to show in the template in the place it should be showing!!

However, this also means that uploading all the old content should now be as easy as making an Excel Spreadsheet of it and hitting import! It will be so nice to have this part of “me” all healed. You never know, I might even start writing articles again!

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