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DANDR Based Suggested Menu for Slow Losers, or the “Turtles” amounst us

These menus were developed by long time LCer Terry Ross of the ASL Group, and posted on AAWOL for those losing slowly or stalled. I have anglicised where I can. The three recipes mentioned are at the end of the page. Turtle menu Day #1 Breakfast — 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter — 750ml of …

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As near to “Real Bread” as a low-carber can get!

Yummy loaf of low carb bread

This recipe is based on "Gabi's World Famous bread", found here on LowCarbLuxury.com.

I played with it quite a bit, as it has soy flour and wheat bran in it ( I have some concerns about these ingredients ) and as is, for a bread it is really sweet ( I have to conclude that this is because "The American Palate" TM has been educated into being sugar crazed by their processed food industry.)

So I made some substitutions and (I think) made it  better. Below are both cup measures and by weight  but I do not give you a carb count. There are just too many variables in this recipe for me to accurately do that.

However, based on the below, it works out around 55-60g per hand-made loaf and 110-130g in the Bread Machine loaf. It really depends very much on your brand of Gluten, and which nut flour you use.

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