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“Obesity is a cause of cancer” – Really???

Cancer UK Obesity campaign - crossed out

When the posters and the advertising campaign “Obesity is a cause of cancer” from Cancer UK came out back in April 2018, I was deep in finishing up writing my 3rd book. And so this ‘blog post stayed firmly in my head, there wasn’t the space to let it out into the world… However, I’ve …

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Gallstones – How are they formed?


Gallstones are made from solidified bile, a yellow/green digestive juice produced by the liver. It is produced continuously and stored in the gallbladder, where water is removed, concentrating it for use in emulsifying consumed fats. When fat is eaten, the gallbladder is sent a message to contract. This sends the concentrated bile into the duodenum where it breaks …

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The “Last 7 lbs is being stubborn” dilemma – This is why it really should not bother you!

Standing on a Scale - Scale - Weighing Yourself

One of the things that is most likely to discourage anyone slimming down is not reaching their (self-)assigned goal weight. Even with the luxury that is low-carb eating, not seeing those pesky “I’m at Goal!” digits showing on a set of scales can be annoying and disheartening. Generally, people pick (or are assigned) a goal weight according to charts …

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Choosing the best nutrition | Nikola Howard

Warm confit ocean trout, autumn vegetable a la grecque, horseradish mayonnaise

A follow up post to Crap in = Crap out written over on my general life-coaching website, all about low-carbing, and about the practicalities around making good nutritional choices! Enjoy. Source: Choosing the best nutrition | Nikola Howard Following on from the thoughts in my previous post “Crap in = Crap out“, I wanted to …

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Why are many low-carbers “obsessed” with sticking to 20g of carbs a day?

Medieval weight set

I’ve been re-editing/tidying/updating various articles for republication recently, and as I was revamping the FAQ article, I realised something… I suddenly figured out why so many people stick with the Dr Atkins’ “induction” carb level – it’s because of the 3rd week stall phenomenon! Dr A suggests the initial “induction” of 2 weeks at 20g/day, then …

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