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Unlocking low carb menu planning – New eBook

Unlocking Low Carb Menu Planning - eBook

If you watched Masterclass II, you will know that for the past month I’ve been frantically working on a short eBook about unlocking low carb menu planning. I’ve very excited to announce that it is finished! I know that menu planning is a pain point for many people, and so I’ve made this guide available at £2.29 to …

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Why are many low-carbers “obsessed” with sticking to 20g of carbs a day?

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I’ve been re-editing/tidying/updating various articles for republication recently, and as I was revamping the FAQ article, I realised something… I suddenly figured out why so many people stick with the Dr Atkins’ “induction” carb level – it’s because of the 3rd week stall phenomenon! Dr A suggests the initial “induction” of 2 weeks at 20g/day, then …

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Why has my weight loss stopped after the 3rd week?

Written by Jan Jackson in May 2001,  on the Low-Carb_in_the_UK Yahoo group I had been meaning to write something on this for ages..  so, recycling FTW! The Atkin’s 2 Week induction phase:- heady stuff, weight loss nearly every day, usually enormous and unbelievable amounts! This is very often followed by complaints of “a stall” or …

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7) PCOS – What is it?

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Article Originally Submitted 2004 PCOS stands for “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome” It is also known as: “Polycystic ovaries”; “Sclerocystic Ovarian Disease”; “Polycystic Ovarian Disease” or “PCOD” and “Stein-Leventhal Syndrome”. The latter is the original name for the condition when Michael Leo Leventhal and Irving Freiler Stein when they discovered that women having erratic Periods and infertility …

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