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Cheese Crisps

cheese crisps

“Overcooked” cheese has epic CRUNCH!!! Use these as a dip chip (they taste really good with sour cream and chives) or just as nibbles on their own. Ingredients 3-4 slices of any pre-sliced real cheese or about 6-8 heaping teaspoons of grated Parmesan Each cheese gives differing taste, I find Gouda and Leerdammer give the best …

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As near to “Real Bread” as a low-carber can get!

Yummy loaf of low carb bread

This recipe is based on "Gabi's World Famous bread", found here on LowCarbLuxury.com.

I played with it quite a bit, as it has soy flour and wheat bran in it ( I have some concerns about these ingredients ) and as is, for a bread it is really sweet ( I have to conclude that this is because "The American Palate" TM has been educated into being sugar crazed by their processed food industry.)

So I made some substitutions and (I think) made it  better. Below are both cup measures and by weight  but I do not give you a carb count. There are just too many variables in this recipe for me to accurately do that.

However, based on the below, it works out around 55-60g per hand-made loaf and 110-130g in the Bread Machine loaf. It really depends very much on your brand of Gluten, and which nut flour you use.

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