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Digital Resources: eBooks, eCourses and webinars

Don’t have time or budget to work in person with me right now? Want materials to self-study with? These digital resources are made for you:


  1. Control your Low Carb Week – £2.29
  2. How to do Christmas, Low Carb style! Workbook – £9.99


  1. The hunger free way to a slimmer you: Ten easy shifts to a low carb way of life – £29.99
    • Bonus: Includes an exclusive 300 Health Mantras subliminal audio


  1. LCUK Masterclass I – Free!
    • Starting out – Why it can feel rotten at the outset – and why that’s a good thing
    • Why Low carb eating must be High fat to burn body fat
    • Ketosis – Myths debunked and why “Ketostix” are a pointless measuring tool
    • Why we should aim to “drop fat” and not “lose weight”
  2. LCUK Masterclass II – Free!
    • Quantifying – why is can be a good thing and why it can be a bad thing
    • Protein – finding the balance
    • Insulin Resistance and Insulin Sensitivity
    • Audience Q&A – Observations around Diabetes and what to expect when swapping from using a Very Low Calorie diet (VLCD) to Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)
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