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Unlocking low carb menu planning – New eBook

Unlocking Low Carb Menu Planning - eBook

If you watched Masterclass II, you will know that for the past month I’ve been frantically working on a short eBook about unlocking low carb menu planning. I’ve very excited to announce that it is finished! I know that menu planning is a pain point for many people, and so I’ve made this guide available at £2.29 to make it as accessible as it can possibly be.

Control your low carb week covers:

  • Why Plan?
  • What needs to change about the food you eat
  • Why a calorie is not always a calorie
  • When to Plan
  •  How to Plan
  • A special note about breakfast: the challenge deconstructed
  • Building the core lists
  • Putting it all together
  • And finally, How to deal with exceptions

Here is the link to purchase and download the eBook


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