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Clarity and progress session

A low carb way of life can be followed in many different ways, and many available options can cause a lack of clarity of thought.

Sometimes you don’t need a lengthy go-around, you have a burning question and it needs answering, from someone that will see through any BS you tell yourself and give it to you straight. Someone that will tune in to your thoughts and give you practical advice on what on earth to do.

Invest £87 in yourself and join me for a 60 minute Skype call to gain focus and clarity on a single or related set of issues.

  • For instance, you cannot figure out what to eat now “all the carbs” are not there,
  • You are overwhelmed by food counting and need help figuring out what the numbers mean for you,
  • You are struggling with self-sabotage,
  • You are stalled and don’t know why,
  • Or you may well feel rather alone and lost with what can feel like a radical lifestyle change.

Pick the topic that is hurting you and your progress the most and we will spend 60 minute unpicking it. I’ll mentor and coach you through your blocks, mind, body or environment and you will walk away with a sense of direction and a clear plan to take focused action with and renewed self-confidence.

After the call, I will send you an e-mail summing up the discussion. I’ll also add relevant links about the issue(s) to re-enforce our session.

You will also receive:

  • Bonus #1: Recording of the Skype call
    • So you can be fully present and don’t have to write anything, unless you want to do so.
  • Bonus #2: A “Check-in” email two weeks after the call
    • To see how you are doing and answer any follow-up questions.

Invest £87 in your progress and clarity session: