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NLP techniques: Like to Dislike

Using NLP techniques to make a change in mindset provides an almost unbelievably fast change, as makes an instant re-alignment of neural pathways maps.

With the “like to dislike” technique, we work to change the mapping of your favorite food or beverage that is less than optimal for your body, overlaying that mapping from a similar textured food that you dislike.

The process itself is simple takes around 15 minutes to complete, and if I had not experienced it first hand, I would not have believed it possible to deal with an issue so quickly and thoroughly!

These 30 minute sessions, over via Skype video link (I have to be able to see you) are a £37 investment. Before the session, please think of a disliked food or beverage that is preferably similar in texture to your like that we can work with.
(For instance, my pair were Diet Coke and Beer)

You will also get:

  • Audio Recording of the Skype call (so you can be fully present)
  • A follow up e-mail, with relevant links for any resources if required to assist you, in the week after we complete the call.

This simple technique really is life changing, so only click to pay and schedule if you are serious about wanting to dislike your favourite carbohydrate:

Could this help you? You can look forward to having you a new understanding about your favourite carbohydrate.

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