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How do I start this diet???

How do I start???

Low-carb is based on eating naturally, with as little refinement as possible, so very general guidelines are…

Firstly, start researching and then ask questions  – My Website’s Links page and low-carb FAQ page may be a good place to start.

You can also work with me as a coach, both on what to eat and mindset around what drives us to eat in certain ways

This is also not a diet you can “just pick up from the internet” – You really need to pick a Low-carb plan, there are various flavours, I personally like Eat Fat, Get Thin (written by UK author Dr Barry Groves) and “The Primal Blueprint” (American, but good on the science and realistic) – However, you can get all the major books via Amazon.

We DO NOT count calories. Saying that, you should be eating *at least* 1500 per day (unless you are a small/short person with small bone structure.)

1800-2000 (or even 2500 if you are very overweight), mostly from fats, is much more realistic as you start low-carbing. Eating in a plentiful manner stops your body thinking there is a famine, and holding onto its body fat as a protective. If you are hungry, eat something. 🙂

If you want to track, do, but only to ensure that you are in the right ball park – don’t obsess over the numbers.

Fats:  DO NOT be afraid to eat fat! Fat is your friend, and you need to eat fat to lose body fat. Aim for *at least* 65-70% of your daily calorific intake being “good” Fats, ie Butter, Cream, Coconut, Olive and other Nut oils, Lard and Dripping. Do not trim fat from meat, do not use Vegetable/Sunflower oils if you can help it, and NO Margarine or other processes fat spread at all !!!

You should be aiming to be eating  High in Saturates and Monounsaturates, Low on the Polyunsaturates and absolutely NO transfats. Cook using Lard or Butter and Olive Oil, and use lots of Olive and Nut oils on Veggies and Salads. Make Cream sauces for Meats and Vegetables, and lashings of Cream with either Sugar free Jelly, Mascapone cheese or a few strawberries is great as dessert. Making
Hot Chocolate with Cream, Cocoa, water and some artificial sweetener is good as well…

Margarine and Other Processed spreads are made with Hydrogenated Oil. The Hydrogenation process causes Transfats. It is the Transfats that cause the heart disease and arteriosclerosis, NOT saturates. Saturates have a bad rap, and there is no proof that they cause the ills that the Government (note, not the scientists) say they do. Transfats are also why we cook with Lard and Butter and not with Polyunsaturated Oils, as heat situations will cause oils to break down into Transfats.

See this Link From Science Magazine and this link from Barry Groves’ site exploding the Cholesterol myth, if that is what is scaring you about the amount of fat you are suddenly going to be eating…

Protein: Meat, Fish, Game, Fowl, Eggs,  and Cheese are the Basic Protein groups you are going to be eating. Nuts, Seeds (NB: peanuts & cashews are beans) also come in here, but have a carb load as well, so in moderation with these. Protein should make up around 20-25% of your calories.

Vegetables: Eat as much good “Green” Non-starchy Veggies as you like (a portion with each meal is what you are aiming for) as  well as moderate amounts of all other non root tuberous vegetables (peas & corn are not vegetables, beans & grains respectively), veg from the onion & garlic family and berry fruits (inc tomatoes.)

“Carb Indulgences”: Little bits of non potato roots (swede, turnip, sweet potato, beetroot etc), 70% dark chocolate, cocoa powder, red wine, and small amounts of other low sugar fruits. These all have massively good anti-oxidant powers, so they are definitely “a little of what you fancy does you good”.

Carbs should be around 5-10% of your calorie intake.

Avoid Chemical additives as much as you can… It is nigh on impossible to cut them completely, (and using Artificial sweetener makes the transition to no sugar easier) but you can try…

Cut out all refined and other Starches and Sugars. ie Table Sugar, High Sugar Fruits, Honey, Flour, Bread, Potatoes, Rice and Pasta. Some plans do allow very small amounts of whole grains, but digestively speaking, they are not food that Homo Sapiens Sapiens (i.e Humans!) are adapted to eat.

Good luck!

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